I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Novel Study-James and the Giant Peach.

This is the Giant peach from James and the giant peach. This part is when the two aunt's shows everyone The giant peach and gets money of people.


Friday, 12 July 2013

11 before 11

I think that when 10 year old's turn 11 they should know.

1. 1x because they are really easy to know.

2. How to read hard books because when they get to Intermediate they will be reading hard books.

3. Lean how to cook because when they get older they will have to cook if they are hungry.
4.How to count money because when they want to buy something they might not know how much money they need to pay or how much money they get back.

5. You could get a little note book to write some notes in it so that you don't miss something you need to do.

6.People should know how to climb a tress because you  might have to save some one or a cat one day.

7.Learn how to swim because you might be swimming in the sea and a shark might try and eat you.

8.Learn how to wash your hands Because its best to be clean.

9.Learn how to take care of you self because when you get sick you will not know how to take care of your self.

10.Learn how to run  across the field when it is wet grass with out getting wet.

11.Now you can sign up for Intermediate.
From Rosalie Hinetai Parekura

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The day everything started disappearing

The day everything started disappearing

One day in a place called New Zealand there lived a family and they had a cat named Simba they really like Simba so they gave his so much toys. But one day all of his toys disappeared when Jade got home she went into her room and saw Simba crying so she went to her mum and asked  “way is Simbe crying in my room” said Jade “all of his toys disappeared”. when Tim got home he said “why is Simba crying is your room?’’  we all looked at Tim and said “all of his toy disappeared”.  Then Mum went to Jade’s room to see Simba when she  went into her room and all of her things were gone. then jade came out crying and Tim and Mum asked
“why are you crying” said Mum and Tim “because all of my things are disappeared” Then Tim went up to his room and all of his things in his room disappeared. When he came back to us he was crying and then dad came home and he said “why is Simba and Tim and Jade crying” because  “ all of their  things are things are missing” and dad said mum has got all of your thing because you always leave your things around the house”

the end     

Thursday, 23 May 2013

How to ride a bike

How to ride a bike
Step 1 :Get on to your bike.
Step 2 : first put your left foot on the left peddle then put your right foot on the  right peddle.
Step 3 : Put your left  hand on the left handle and put your right hand on the right handle.
Step 4 : Start moving your feet like right then left and you will start moving.
Step 5 : Now you know how to ride a  bike. Now your good to go.
I hope my instructions can help you ride your bike.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Once upon time I saw a bubble it was as big as a car.
Every day it will eat tress and flowers and sand.
But one day a man tried to pop it but it did not pop.
Because of that the bubble pop him.
Because of that kids  saw the man pop.
Because of that kids thought it was funny so they tried to pop it to.
Until finally superman came to the rescue but he pop to.
Ever since superman pop people went crazy.
The moral of the story is don't try to pop a bubble .

from Rosalie

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Best friend

My best friend is as kind as my mum
She will do things for me and I will do the same
She is as funny as a funny clown
She takes care of me when I am down
She will get me things that I love and I will get her what she wants
Some times she will be kind some days she won't but I will respect her
And I love her as a friend

Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Bush 

"Mum" Jessica said "that I can come on a bush walk with her and her family". "Ok you can go if you good " said mum''. " What is it for replied mum" it is for her birthday. The next day it was time to get my bags pack for the walk." Mum" mum" mum" were is my lunch box" in the kitchen darling".

"Ok it is time to go and drop you off at Jessica house". We got there and my mum stayed and talked to Jessica mum "ok you can go now"  
"sorry about that Jessica".Ok kids get in the car time to go now said Eva is Jessica mum. We got there"wow this is going to be awesome" I yelled."Mum"mum" can you get me my bag please" screened Jessica brother Jack.

We got to a big tree and we saw a bush moving so we run up the hill. Jessica dad tom said "I wonder what was".But we stopped and and had lunch. We got packed up and we all look at the bush and it moved again but then it stopped and a dog jumped out. "Its is so cute" but it stared talking we all jumped and we all run away but then Jack said "look a tree house". So we all walked in to the tree house "we are going to be safe in here" said Eva. But it was time to get back to the car so we walked really fast. The End